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Bottle of Medicine
posted by Sifat - October 01 2009 11:23:15 AM
A mother has three sick children. She has a 24-ounce bottle of medicine and needs to give each child eight ounces of the medicine. She is unable to get to the store and has only three clean containers, which measure 5, 11 and 13 ounces. The electricity is out and she has no way of heating water to wash the containers and doesn't want to spread germs. How can she divide the medicine to give each child an equal portion without having any two children drink from the same container?
Reply by madhattersriddle - October 20 2009 11:17:41 PM
Step 1: Fill the 11oz bottle to the top. This gives you 13oz in the 24oz bottle, 0oz in the rest of the other bottles

Step 2: Dump the 24oz bottle (the remaining 13oz) into the 5oz bottle. That gives 8oz in the original 24oz bottle.

Step 3: Dump 5oz bottle into the empty 13oz bottle and fill the rest with the full 11oz bottle.

Step 4: Fill the 5oz bottle to the top with the now full 13oz bottle. That now gives you a 8/24oz bottle, a 8/13 oz bottle, a 5/5oz bottle and a 3/11oz bottle.

Step 5: Empty the 5oz bottle into the 3/11oz bottle and that now gives you , 8/24oz bottle, 8/13oz bottle, and a 8/11oz bottle

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