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Billy the Bookworm
posted by SkiiEJP - November 27 2011 06:08:02 AM
Billy the bookworm loves burrowing through books.

Two encyclopaedias, volume one and volume two, stand side by side on a shelf. Each hardback cover of each book measures 2cm and the collection of pages within each book measures 10cm.

Billy starts on the very first page of volume one and burrows all the way through to the very last page of volume two. How far has Billy burrowed?
Reply by Boiler - December 02 2011 04:35:56 AM
Billy has made it through exactly 24 cm of book(s). He started on PAGE one of voulume one, thus eliminating 2 cm of hardcover. he also stopped on the last PAGE of volume 2, eliminating another 2 cm of cover. that leaves 10 cm of pages for both volumes (20) plus the 2 adjoining covers at 2 cm apiece (4)

Reply by Riddlemaker - January 02 2012 01:24:38 PM
Wow. We had to do this math problem in my Social Studies class (I forgot why).

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