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Big Bang...
posted by Rashly11 - November 21 2011 09:54:51 PM
a man was killed on his chair when he was watching a episode of the big bang theory or just started watching and eating his dinner.
suspects: shinigami, god, alphakennybody, sharan, cookie, IlikeKFC, lilicing and xtwinkle. (they are all nicknames)
questions: who is the killer and why?
Reply by Caprico - November 25 2011 12:59:59 AM
What bs is this? If I HAD to guess, I guess God, coz he created the Universe and not Big Bang???

Reply by 21eyes - November 29 2011 12:56:47 PM
I normally don't care too much about grammar, but reading these gives me a headache. And why are the suspects nicknamed. But I would guess Shinigami because it means death god.

Reply by Riddlemaker - December 03 2011 06:29:34 PM
IlikeKFC? Cuz its a fat-food place, and it could kill you by obesity??? LOL.

Reply by pinguhash - January 04 2012 06:03:01 AM
cookie, only thing that could have killed him... he was eating

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