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Bartending Trick
posted by Boiler - July 02 2012 09:17:34 PM
I have a 12 oz. of whiskey in one container, and 12 oz. of wine in another. First, i pour 3 oz. of whiskey into the wine, then mix it thoroughly. Then, i pour 3 oz. of the mixture back into the container of whiskey. Now, is there more whiskey in the wine, or more wine in the whiskey?
Reply by Caprico - July 05 2012 04:01:14 AM
I knew the answer to this, and yet it was interesting to solve by hand, and indeed, there is as much wine in the whiskey, as there is whiskey in the wine.. :D To be more precise, the ratio of either is 48/5, in 12oz.

Reply by Boiler - July 06 2012 02:03:53 AM
That is indeed correct. Doesn't sound like it should be right, but once you work it out on paper, it's mathematically sound

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