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Alchemy Riddle - Need Help!!!
posted by Shaolen - August 23 2022 12:04:41 AM
If Gold and Silver be your intention to produce, in what would you find them? in Eggs in Blood, in Salts, or such things? what a madness is this? to what end think you these operations will tend? what conformity is there between what you seek, and that which you take in hand?
(notes: capitals may be important, there is a 'tab' space between "will tend?" and "what". This may or may not be important.
Reply by Gollumscave - September 18 2022 08:21:19 PM
I don't know. The final question is: what is the conformity between what you seek, and that which you take in hand? That which we seek is Gold and Silver, that which we take in hand is Eggs, Blood, and Salts. As you pointed out the first letter of each of these words is capitalized. The numerical order for the letters of the alphabet would have G in gold assigned to the number 7. S in silver assigned to 19. E in eggs assigned to 5, B in blood to 2, and S in salts to 19.
So, all I could find is that the sum of the numbers for the capitalized first letters in gold and silver (5+19=26) is equal to the sum of the capitalized first letters in eggs, blood and salts (5+2+19=26)
Likewise, the products of 7×19 is the same as the product of 5×2×19.
That may be the conformity between them.

Reply by Gollumscave - September 24 2022 06:14:40 AM
Sorry, I wrote 5+19=26, meant to write 7+19=26.

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