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posted by 21eyes - March 31 2011 11:45:51 AM

what does this mean?
(I realize this is more of a puzzle than a riddle, but hey)

P.S- I;m kinda new, are there any rules on this site that I need to know of?
Reply by budunk - March 31 2011 02:43:31 PM
i k l n are missing for that on purpose?

Reply by 21eyes - April 01 2011 05:51:29 AM

Reply by Caprico - April 01 2011 06:56:44 AM
Letters without a link?

Reply by 21eyes - April 01 2011 11:31:40 AM
the answer is a pretty common phrase

Reply by Sifat - April 08 2011 12:06:09 PM
it means you just typed the alphabet incorrectly by leaving out several Letters.

Reply by 21eyes - April 12 2011 11:41:01 AM
no it means I should have done a different puzzle

Reply by Boiler - January 10 2012 08:33:58 PM
There is a missing LINK

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