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A thing of the past
posted by dashh - June 02 2022 01:15:35 AM
A thing of the past
I come from nature, but I’m not living
Some use me by taking, and others whilst giving

I bring joy, sorrow - meaning to your life
Or as a weapon cut you deep like a knife

Hurt me and I might bleed a strange hue
I’m mistrusted by many, and prised by the

I'm a thing

What am I?
Reply by Gollumscave - September 18 2022 03:30:04 PM
My Mom and I are really trying to figure this out...

Reply by Gollumscave - September 19 2022 11:46:41 AM
Feel free to ignore this question, but When you say it's not living, are you saying it is not an organism or a thing composed of organisms? Or are you simply saying it is not alive?

Reply by Gollumscave - September 19 2022 08:02:36 PM
Is it a diamond? I read they aquire a cloudy shade when they're heated at extreme temperatures.

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