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A Strange Murder
posted by Sifat - January 21 2011 10:19:38 AM
There's a body lying dead on a bed, and on the floor beside it is a pair of scissors. The scissors were instrumental in his death, yet there's no trace of blood. The body reveals no signs of any cuts or bruises. How could the person have been murdered with the pair of scissors?
Hint- Waterbed
Reply by Sifat - January 21 2011 10:21:27 AM
Now with my every ditective riddle, i will try to give u some clues so that it might not remain unanswered.

Reply by Caprico - January 21 2011 10:40:50 AM
Hmmm... he was drowned in some way?

Reply by Sifat - January 21 2011 10:50:21 AM
How? Can u explain?

Reply by Caprico - January 27 2011 02:12:38 AM
Hmm... The murderer just cut a slit open in the bed, and then put his head in it. *Glub glub glub* and then he was dead. Sumthing lyk dat?

Reply by Sifat - January 28 2011 12:29:33 AM
Right now.....

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