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A riddle from a side scrolling game
posted by 21eyes - June 19 2011 06:54:45 PM
The other day I was playing a computer game, in which you can only move forward. So I picked up a silver key, and about a minute later the character drops the key in the sewer. Another minute later I reached a gate with a guard in front, and the guard said, "You need a key to pass." So I restart the game to try and bypass the sewer by jumping over it, which fails. So I try over and over again, with no variation. I even tried to find a hidden key, which didn't exist. Then, as I reach the guard for the fifth time, I was on the verge of rage quitting, when I realized what I had to do. Moments later I got past the guard without the silver key, how did I do it.
Reply by Caprico - June 23 2011 09:46:15 PM
I give up! Please tell me the answer!

Reply by budunk - June 29 2011 03:39:03 PM
So what was the answer?

Reply by 21eyes - July 13 2011 07:31:58 PM
sorry I was gone... the answer made me angry when I found out, I just hit the A key out of pure rage

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