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A quest
posted by 21eyes - October 04 2011 12:54:19 PM
3 men are asked by an old man to enter a building to rescue a villager from a vicious bandit. The bandit is located in an old temple. The men enter the temple. They find the bandit and three villagers on an elevated platform in a large room. The room had menacing faces in the walls, each had a dark hole for a mouth. The floor was made of iron grates, which seemed sturdy, but strangly clean for an ancient temple. The bandit was distracted by a villager, when the men knocked him out. The moment they did that, the grates instantly sealed and the room slowly filled with acid. The man who distracted the bandit told the men that this was a booby trap, and that the weight of the 3 men activated it. Everyone on the pressure plate was about the same weight, and the ammount needed to activate the trap was exceeded by exactly 3 people. How can the 3 men finish their quest?
-Note there are more than one answer

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