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A fork in the path
posted by cordilmar - July 05 2013 11:00:43 AM
This is a variation of the two doors riddle.
You are walking down the road when you come to a fork in the path. You know that one way leads to a village where they always tell the truth, and the other leads to a village where they always lie. You want to get to the truth telling village Standing in between the two roads is a man. You don't know if he is from the lying village or the truth-telling village, and you have one question to ask him. What do you ask?
Reply by bigriddler899 - July 07 2013 01:56:55 AM
What village do you come from?

Reply by TrishM - July 10 2013 04:49:46 AM
The question will be:- If anyone asks you what village do you come from; What would you say?

Reply by theboss - October 08 2013 06:30:31 AM
Id ask where all veins of the road lead off to. he can trick me about the villages but i know where i came from. Id sort it out from there

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