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420 yeah!
posted by VinceAuric - June 24 2012 05:37:35 AM
Some people hates me, some people go crazy
If you’re the latter you’ll jive with Bob Marley
I am not of any kind of animal but I have fingers
If you need an excitement, take me, I’m an uppers
Trust me you’ll experience this some kind of bliss
Sick? Don’t blame me, coz the saying that goes like this
Herbs heal chemicals kill so don’t panic its organic
Reply by Boiler - June 25 2012 05:02:09 AM
a bag of weed?

Reply by VinceAuric - June 27 2012 12:13:32 AM
[hide]weed marijuana mary jane 5fingers any thing u want to call it :D[/hide]

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