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28 horses
posted by KirbyKnight - September 19 2011 08:23:18 PM
3 boys' father had passed away and left them his will. The will said the sons would get the horses. The eldest son would receive 1/2 of the horses, the second eldest would receive a 1/3 and the last one would recieve 1/10.The sons didn't want to cut up the horses. Then along came a man with 2 horse and he came up with a solution.

What was the solution?

P.S: The man wants his horses back.
Reply by 21eyes - September 20 2011 08:48:43 AM
if there are 28 horses, the man gives them his horses on the condition that he gets 1/15 of all of them. Then there are 30 horses, which can be divided easily.

Reply by KirbyKnight - September 20 2011 06:10:14 PM
Correct 21eyes

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